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ON Semiconductor’s AR0430 CMOS Image Sensor Named 2018 China IoT Best Innovative Product Award at IoT Star Awards
Industry award recognizes the innovation in producing video and depth mapping from a single, low power sensor

SUZHOU, China – March 12, 2019 –ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ON), driving energy efficient innovations, announced that the company has received a 2018 China IoT Best Innovative Product Award for its AR0430 CMOS image sensor for its innovative design and rich feature set at this year’s Internet of Things (IoT) Star Awards.

IoT Star Awards is an annual award scheme organized by China IoT Industry Application Alliance, with the driving aim to promote the IoT industry, while recognizing leading enterprises and outstanding product innovations.

The AR0430 is ideal for use in IoT applications, including wearables, AR/VR products, security, and home/office/factory automation, thanks to the technology developed by ON Semiconductor that delivers incredible power savings as well as simultaneous video and depth mapping. The AR0430 delivers leading power consumption and scales with frame rate so users can have operational modes that produce 4 mega-pixel (MP) images at less than 8 mW of power consumption. With the explosion of battery-powered IoT cameras, efficient power consumption for high quality imaging is extremely important. The AR0430 also incorporates proprietary Super Depth technology, comprising a Color Filter Array (CFA), advanced algorithm and micro-lens, providing a depth map of the area 1 meter in front of the image sensor. This depth map enables a range of IoT applications, such as gesture recognition and 3D models for AR/VR user experiences.

The AR0430 is an extremely flexible product optimized for power, cost, size, and performance. Its unique feature set enables manufacturers to develop entirely new and interactive IoT applications.

The AR0430 features an active array of 2316 by 1746 pixels arranged in a 4:3 aspect ratio. When operating in normal mode, the sensor generates a 4 MP data stream at 30 fps and requires just 110 mW of power. It also supports 120 fps output for slow motion mode yet consumes as little as 8 mW in monitoring mode. The low power credentials of the image sensor make it particularly suited to battery-powered IoT applications. Other advanced features include vertical and horizontal programmable blanking, as well as programmable gain, frame size and rate, exposure. Image reversal, window size and panning are also functions that can be defined by the engineering team. Electronic rolling shutter is integrated, as is support for an external mechanical shutter. The CMOS sensor delivers high quality images under all lighting conditions including nighttime, which makes it particularly applicable in security camera applications.

Commenting on the award, Gianluca Colli, Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Solution Division of Image Sensor Group, ON Semiconductor said: “Our AR0430 is truly an innovative image sensor and stands out as an enabling technology for IoT applications. For that to be recognized and receive a Star of IoT Award, is a great honor. We will continue to develop innovative products and solutions to help our customers meet their challenges as well as contributing to drive the IoT industry.”

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